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CA Series High Frequency UPS

CA Series High Frequency UPS

Details : Detailed introduction

Product overview

The new generation of IGBT rectifier technology and innovative digital control technology of DSP bring CA series UPS products and unprecedented application experience to users.

CA series UPS products have very high input power factor and very low input current distortion rate, which not only guarantees the green environmental protection of products, but also guarantees the energy saving of products with very high overall efficiency.

Intelligent battery management technology, international standards of safety and EMC design, ultra-wide input voltage and frequency range, adapting to all kinds of fuel generator access, perfect intelligent monitoring and management, etc., are all the manifestations of the added value of Kevlar CA UPS to users.

CA series UPS adopts digital circulation control technology and realizes 2 to 6 parallel systems easily.

Product characteristics

Super load adaptability, super overload and short circuit capability.

Ultra-wide input voltage and frequency range, adapted to harsh grid environment, adapted to all kinds of fuel generator access.

The input power factor is as high as 0.99, the input harmonic current is less than 3%, the efficiency of the whole machine is more than 95%. It is green, efficient and energy-saving.

Full digital control of DSP realizes all digital control of power conversion links of rectification, inversion, charging and discharging.

Intelligent system self-diagnosis scheme, abundant fault records, large storage capacity of historical records.

Full front maintenance, support up and down line mode, save installation space.

The panel is equipped with EPO emergency shutdown button.

Rich options: dust-proof network, SNMP network communication card, lightning protection module, battery temperature compensator.

All circuit boards adopt three-proof technology.

Product performance indicators

CA33 series:

How to work: three in three out

Host capacity: 10KVA~200KVA