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BH Series High Frequency UPS

BH Series High Frequency UPS

Details :

Detailed introduction

Product overview

BH series UPS adopts LCD + LED display mode, with automatic frequency regulation, output overload, short circuit protection, intelligent battery management. BH series adopts the latest generation of DSP digital signal processor technology. High-speed processor chip directly generates high-frequency PWM (pulse width modulation) wave to control UPS inverters, which simplifies the UPS control circuit and improves the stability of control.

BH series UPS digitalizes all the sampled data through high-speed processors to achieve accurate control of input and output voltages, currents, battery voltages and in-machine temperatures.

Product characteristics

high reliability

Isolation and Pure Sinusoidal Wave Technology

LCD+LED Display Mode

Energy-saving and Environmental Protection Model

Ultra Wide Input Range

High Speed Synchronization Conversion

Humanized alarm system

Unattended and Intelligent Monitoring

On-line UPS Protection Function

Intelligent no-load automatic shutdown technology (optional)

Automatic frequency selection

Battery testing

Product performance parameters

Working mode: single in, single out / three in, single out

Host capacity: 1KVA~30KVA