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EX Series Modular UPS

EX Series Modular UPS

Details : Detailed introduction

Product overview

Epson EX series AC uninterruptible power supply is a fully digital modular power supply product developed with the most advanced DSP control technology in the field of power electronics and automatic control, which makes the reliability, scalability and maintainability of industrial UPS system leap forward.

In order to meet the demand of modularization of power supply system in modern computer room, modularization design is realized on the basis of mature high frequency UPS power supply technology. The performance indexes of EPSON series modularized UPS power supply are in the leading international level, and it is the best choice for high reliable UPS power supply system in all industries.

EX series UPS products provide a variety of specifications of power modules and standard cabinet system, which can be flexibly configured according to the actual load needs of users. Single cabinet can achieve capacity of 20-250 kVA, and parallel cabinet can achieve high capacity system configuration of 500 kVA.

Product characteristics

Product performance indicators

Host capacity: 20KVA-250KVA

Module power: 20KVA; 30KVA