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HZET-ZD800 Portable DC Grounding Fault Finder

HZET-ZD800 Portable DC Grounding Fault Finder

Details :

HZET-ZD800 Portable DC Grounding Fault Finder

Special Purpose for Grounding Fault Detection of HVDC System

HZET-ZD800 portable DC grounding fault locator can find and solve the insulation faults in HVDC system, such as indirect grounding, non-metallic grounding, loop grounding, both positive and negative grounding, positive and negative balanced grounding, AC/DC series fault, multi-point grounding, etc.

Functional characteristics

L Ground Voltage, System Voltage, Realize 0~300V Voltage Monitoring System Ground Voltage Measurement Function, Measure System Positive Ground Voltage, Negative Ground Voltage, System Voltage, Realize 0~300V Voltage Monitoring Range

The measurement function of the insulation impedance of the system can measure the positive/negative insulation impedance of the system and realize the measurement of 0~999K.

L Branch insulation impedance measurement function, measuring the positive and negative ground insulation impedance of each branch

L Branch Ground Fault Point Location Function, Support Ground Fault Branch and Ground Fault Point Location Function

L Branch leakage current signal analysis function, for advanced users to analyze the insulation status of the branch in detail, so that users can clearly see the change curve of the leakage current of the tested branch to the ground.

L Direction display function. For testing the branch with grounding indication, the instrument will have directional arrow indicating the relative direction between the user's grounding point and the grounding point to improve the search efficiency.

L waveform curve display function. When using the detector to detect the insulation condition of the tested branch, the display screen will display the current change of the tested branch in the form of waveform curve, which is convenient for users to quickly and accurately find the fault point.

L Use LCD screen for users to view information

A variety of data display forms, including grounding or not, waveform curve, insulation level, insulation impedance, leakage current size, direction information, etc.

L Analyser can automatically identify system voltage level

After synchronizing the information of the detector and the analyzer once, it is not affected by the detection distance.

L Wireless Data Transfer Module for Data Communication