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HZET-BCT Series Battery Online Charging and Discharging Activation Equipment

HZET-BCT Series Battery Online Charging and Discharging Activation Equipment

Details :

HZET-BCT Series Battery Online Charging and Discharging Activation Equipment

HZET-BCT series battery on-line charging and discharging activation equipment solves the safety problem of traditional off-line discharging. It integrates on-line discharging, off-line discharging, charging, activation and monitoring functions.

Functional characteristics

On-line discharge function: The battery pack under test discharges with constant current through the built-in false load of HZET-BCT while maintaining the on-line connection with the power supply system at all times.

L On-line charging function: After discharge, the on-line charging function is automatically activated, so that the rectifier charges the battery, which solves the problem of huge voltage difference in the battery return system.

Activation function of the whole group: It can set the cycle times of charging and discharging of the whole group of batteries to achieve the effect of on-line activation of the whole group of batteries.

Intelligent Handling Function of City Electricity Abnormality: When the city electricity abnormality occurs during the discharge process, HZET-BCT can stop discharging the built-in false load of HZET-BCT according to the customer's prior settings, and then make every effort to ensure the emergency power supply of the tested batteries to the power supply system.

L 5.7 inch super touch screen: using super touch screen, you can click directly on the screen, the operation is simpler and clearer. During discharge, all discharge parameters can be viewed and single voltage histogram can be displayed.

Parallel Expansion Function: Small constant current expansion module can be connected in parallel to meet the needs of larger discharge current and charging current.

L Discharge current automatic calculation function: The discharge coefficient of each hour rate of the battery built in the instrument can automatically calculate the discharge current needed by the battery according to the nominal capacity of the battery and the discharging hour rate required by the user. No matter what discharging rate the user purchases for discharging, the discharging capacity of the battery will automatically be converted into C10 capacity.

Maintenance parameter presupposition function: 8 sets of commonly used discharge parameter presupposition are built in the instrument to facilitate the user's on-site discharge operation. Users can also modify the built-in presupposition parameters.

Various discharge shutdown thresholds: four kinds of discharge stop thresholds can be set: battery voltage, monomer voltage, discharge time and discharge capacity; when discharge stops, the screen will display the cause of the shutdown and warning sound.