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HZET5000CT Battery Internal Resistance Tester

HZET5000CT Battery Internal Resistance Tester

Details :

system function

Testing methods: support random single-section testing, or group-by-section testing, store test results

Abundant test parameters: test voltage, internal resistance and connector parameters

Health Analysis Function: With standard reference value and alarm value, test results can directly analyze the health status of storage battery.

Automatic calibration function: automatic calibration before test to improve accuracy

Intelligent Naming File Function: It can accurately name device battery packs in Chinese, letters and numbers, so as to facilitate identification and search.

Large screen touch screen: 4.7 inch color touch screen with intuitive parameter viewing.

easy operation

Data Management Function: Supporting direct viewing and editing of test data, using SD card storage mode, supporting U-port transfer

WIFI wireless upload function: support WiFi data transmission function, data automatic upload platform function

Have the function of retest: discovering misoperation in the process of test, etc. It can retest quickly and cover the original data automatically.

Ultra-wide over-voltage protection function: over-voltage protection greater than 100V DC to prevent over-connection

Damage caused

Database management: database management mode, battery performance analysis and calendar establishment

Trends of historical data can automatically generate test reports