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AG series power frequency UPS

AG series power frequency UPS

Details : Detailed introduction

Product overview

Warrior WA series UPS is a three-phase high-power on-line UPS based on Intel's multi-CPU+CPLD digital control technology. It is a new generation of uninterruptible power supply with N+1 or N+X parallel redundancy function.

Warriors WA series UPS adopts advanced SMD process design, with outstanding high stability and reliability. Power-frequency transformer can effectively suppress the surge peak interference and load shock of the city electricity, so that the load and UPS can be in the best coordination state.

Product characteristics

New generation of power devices

Intelligent battery management function

Using N+X Redundant Parallel Operation Mode

Strong impact resistance to load

Wide input voltage/frequency range

Advanced harmonic suppression technology

Perfect lightning protection function

Product performance indicators

WA33 series:

How to work: three in three out

Host capacity: 10KVA~200KVA