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HT Series Modular UPS

HT Series Modular UPS

Details : Detailed introduction

Product characteristics:

high reliability

Design life is longer than 30 years

Dual AC power supply system accessible

Full redundancy design ensures the safety of power supply under various load conditions

I/O Isolation Transformer to Realize Safe Electrical Isolation of UPS

Ventilation up-and-down, natural convection, independent duct, heat diversion design


Full Front Installation and Maintenance Design

Cold startup can be achieved by battery in the absence of market electricity

Intelligent Battery Management to Extend Battery Life

Large screen LCD in English and Chinese, real-time display of UPS operation

Powerful remote communication and supervision functions

Environmental adaptability

Extremely wide input voltage and frequency range to adapt to harsh grid environment

Suitable for working environment of high and low temperature, high humidity or drying, dust, pest and rodent damage, vibration, acid fog corrosion

Three-in, single-out, external battery pack or 220V DC screen

Sharable battery pack for parallel operation

Demand customization

Special size and color

Input and Output Voltage Level

DC Bus Voltage

Open, Valve-controlled, Nickel-cadmium Batteries

Specific level of protection

technical parameter

Output harmonics: linear load < 1%, non-linear < 3% (up to 1095 I level)

Output Power Factor: Optional 0.9

Voltage Transient Recovery Time: <60ms

Capacity 10-800KVA