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AG series power frequency UPS

AG series power frequency UPS

Details : Detailed introduction

Product overview

AG series UPS products adopt the optimum design concept. The single MTBF (safe and trouble-free time) of UPS reaches 36000 hours, the total volume ratio is less than 70KVA per cubic meter, and the total weight ratio is less than 10KVA per 100 kilograms.

AG series UPS uses the fourth generation IGBT inverters to correct the non-linear load. The inverters have high efficiency, fast output response, strong overcurrent protection and low noise, which greatly improves the load adaptability of the inverters.

Functional characteristics of products

Strong cold load impact resistance

Short circuit protection

Flexible mating of various types of generators

Start UPS without electricity

Using N+1 or N+X Redundant Parallel Technology

Independent design of high current charger

Product characteristic index

Type AG:

How to work: Single in, single out

Host capacity: 1KVA-15KVA

Type AG31

How to work: three in and one out

Host capacity: 10KVA-40KVA